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We are four friends who have been spending years in our annual challenge to pick the most games correctly.  Now we are sharing the picks with the public, for free!  Weekly, we each pick one pro and one college game.  It's embarrassing how good we've been.  So what the hell, now we will share our picks with you the public.  For tricks, no cost, and of course no guarantees  LOL GA
What the hell?
     Free weekly college pick
     Free weekly pro pick
     No fees, no guarantees
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Four friends.  One annual challenge.  Each week, the four friends each pick one college and one pro game.  Get it right, get a point.  At the end of the year, the friend with the most points is the winner.  These picks are now available to each of you at no charge.  Just click on the picks page.
              Who will win week 7?