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About The Friends....
Domas:  He is the leader of this group of pros.  Married, father of 3, President of Two Businesses, and Degreed in Actuary Science with a PHd in Psychosocial Behavior.  He is very analytical in his picks, and has an Excel Spreadsheet to prove it.  Called Domas after the original prognosticator Nostradomas.

Trev:  Is employed as a contract attorney, but has an undergraduate degree in Applied Mathmatics.  Uses advanced algorithms for his development and institution of his picks.  Has a co-patent on a new gambling formula.  Picked a 7-team teaser in week 3 of this year's NFL season.

Miles:  The young buck, is a stud with his picks and his prick.  Everyone knows someone like Miles, the guy who is the luckiest person around.  Could swallow coal and shit out a diamond.  Goes with his instinct on his picks.  Working his first job as a Cost Analyst with a major firm, but is seriously considering making Vegas his home and career.  UPDATE:  Miles nailed an 8-team parlay in week 6=BIG $$$$  

Karl:  PHd in Statistical Analysis comes in handy for Karl.  Uses 6 degrees of freedom in perfecting his linear model of picks.  Has a co-patent on a new gambling formula.  Also is self-employed in the gambling industry.  Uses advanced statistical analysis for his picks.  

Past Winners of "The Challenge"

              2002-  Domas
              2003-  Trev
              2004-  Karl
              2005-  Domas
              2006-  Karl
              2007-  Miles
              2008-  Miles
              2009-  Trev
              2010-  Karl
              2011-  ????